Located in the lively hood of Avenidas Novas in Lisbon, in an area where many locals do live and work, Versailles Cafe is one of the historical cafes in town, far from the tourist crowd.

Versailles is a classic cafe, that opened in 1922, with mirrored palatial interiors, glass and Art Nouveau influences recreate the atmosphere of a classic European cafe.

At Versailles, people can find perhaps the biggest variety of pastries in town. Is the place where families meet in weekends either for a morning lazy and indulgent breakfast or for an Afternoon Tea. During the week, expect it to be crowded by locals not only during tea time but also for lunch time.

Here grab some Castanha de Ovo, or any other “eggy”treats.

Av. da República 15-A 1050-185 Lisboa

Pastelaria Versailles, Lisbon, Portugal

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