A contemporary bookshop based in Lisbon, Under the Cover is the perfect stop for any and all magazine and book enthusiasts. With an enviable location next to the Gulbenkian Foundation and the Modern Art Center, it’s also a great spot after a day of sightseeing; the gardens of the Foundation are super friendly to sit and enjoy your new book or magazine.

With a wide offer of international magazines covering all kinds of topics; from food, travelling, photography, art and fashion to architecture, culture and society, and everywhere from literature to music and in between, Under the Cover is all about free expression and proactive thinking – magazine buffs will be sure to get their fix here. Their wide selection of magazines, journals, books and artworks were carefully chosen to inspire the modern reader. World-renowned titles such as Wallpaper and Kinfolk are of course present, as are a whole variety of other references; The Happy Reader, Four & Sons, Flash Art, Riposte, Frankie, Majestic Disorder, Cherry Bombe, Bone-Shaker, Elephant, Girls Like Us, Hotshoe and Oh Comedy. There’s even an exclusive title to the store – The Outpost, a magazine produced in Beirut.

The space is not huge, but it makes a point of having a carefully curated selection of references – everywhere from Germany, Australia and USA to Japan, Spain and Italy, within the so-called indie and alternative press. The publications all have one thing in common; the quality of the paper, design and print, and most of them also have a very favourable quality – the articles are usually small and extremely interesting, and don’t require excessive and continuous reading, you can start reading the magazines now and pick them up in two or three months and keep reading. The quality high of the print and paper, with more or less weight, is ubiquitous and the magazines are all about contemporary themes and really give you the urge to start collecting them!

R. Marquês Sá da Bandeira 88B, Lisboa, Portugal

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