Neighbouring Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, TYPE is a swimwear brand, created and made in Portugal by a team committed to produce unique pieces with premium quality.

A specialized design team produces and creates distinctive swimwear. Along with the design, Type prioritizes its clients, resulting in exceptional service from the very first visit.

It is in a beach like environment, as if surrounded by sand that Type invites customers to see their creations – the protagonists in contrast to the nude walls -, to try on and even watch the production of the collections through a glass that communicates directly from the shop to the workshop behind.

It is also possible to adjust all kinds of pieces to the body of each customer in just 15 minutes, so that they feel unique.

In addition to swimwear, lingerie and all the essentials for a beach lifestyle, capsule collections are also launched throughout the year to suit any season of the year.