In Lisbon there is a typical and popular Fado song that says “smells good, smells like Lisbon” (Cheira bem, Cheira a Lisboa), and this could perfectly be the soundtrack to describe the new and first Claus Porto store opened in Lisbon and in Portugal.

For the more distracted ones, Claus Porto is a beauty and fragrance house that was founded by Germans in the northern city, Porto, targeting the royalty and wealthy society. Now, almost celebrating its 130th anniversary in 2017, Claus Porto, opens its first store in Lisbon’s heart, Chiado.

The hand crafted soaps are infused with fine scents taken from Portuguese ingredients’ fragrances from its lush countryside. The soaps are wrapped with finely and beautifully illustrated art work. The packaging resembles Portuguese’s tiles graphics and colours with influences of the 20’s Belle Époque decadence.

The newly opened store is an ode to the four senses: The delicate and fresh scents invite the visitor to enter. Then the vision gets stimulated by the colourful packaging popping out and contrasting in the hard wooden shelf. Going throw the store, stepping on the geometric tiles and admiring the white detailed ceiling, even the more distracted realize that Claus Porto is also part of the Portuguese heritage and carries its own history too. All the products’s beauty and delicateness claim to be touched and to be taken home.

The product range is wide, comprising from the classic soaps, hand lotions to grooming products and candles. The hardest part will be to choose.

Within the store’s two floors, Claus Porto displays the luxury soap and cosmetic beauty Portuguese brands: Claus Porto (aquired by Ach Brito) and Musgo Real. This last one, Musgo Real, is exclusively dedicated to men’s shave care. Hence men can also visit its exclusive area on the lower level, where occasionally some barber services will be provided.

Throughout time, developing its expertise in beauty and cosmetic products but still using the old-world craft techniques, Claus Porto has kept its authenticity and uniqueness. Its archive comprises a richful collection of hand-made colourful labels and patterns, each conveying a unique personality.

A second store opened just recently in Lisbon’s Rua do Carmo 82. This Claus Porto store, once a renowned Lisbon bookstore – Aillaud & Lellos, takes on the role of storyteller, and the bond between the place and the brand is just perfect.

Cheira bem, Cheira a Lisboa…

Rua da Misericórdia 35, Lisboa, Portugal

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Monday to Sunday from 10am - 7pm