More than 60 years ago, Attilio Santini, at Tamariz, perhaps not fully realizing the importance of his undertaking, opened the doors to what is now one of the most famous ice cream parlours in Portugal. Having served his first client and the first scoop of what was quickly recognized as the “the best ice cream in the world”, Attilio Santini launched what is now considered a tradition: going for a Santini.

Santini´s ice cream is best enjoyed at sunset after a hot day at the beach

With a store opening in 2010 in the Chiado district to meet the huge demand – customers line up outside the store year-round to enjoy one of the most delicious treats the city has to offer. The original store, in Cascais, is still going strong and no trip to this fishing village just outside Lisbon is complete without paying a visit to Santini – best enjoyed at sunset after a hot day at the beach.
Santini is in fact so popular that, a few years ago, they made a partnership with Lux nightclub for the “Luxini” – a cocktail with Vodka and Santini ice cream – available in the summer months. Never ones to rest on their laurels, the brand has also partnered with Gin Lovers to create a Gin&Tonic ice-cream, and launched the Santini “Bom Bons” – ice-cream-filled chocolate bonbons.

R. do Carmo 9, Lisboa, Portugal

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