Saldanha & Pimenta is a fine jewelry store offering a selection of highly creative European designer jewelry.

One of the stores inside Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, Saldanha & Pimenta’s designer jewelry hipnotizes anyone who passes by the hotel’s lobby. Sílvia Saldanha, founder of the business, started her career almost by chance when she took on an invitation to develop a research project and to create collections for some Brazilian jewelers. Making her way around the business, Sílvia started to be more and more demanded to choose models and collections when she finally decided to create the ideal jewelry store for the Portuguese market. A project that would be concluded with the formation of Saldanha e Pimenta after a 12-year maturation period. She joined forces with her mother, who had the same vision as her and in 1998, the invitation to join the select stores at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon came and the store was opened later that year. According to Sílvia, the jewelry is chosen according to the personality of the Portuguese woman, a woman whose style is classic with, usually, little jewelry, searching for the “basics” rather than the extravagant. As today’s woman is more and more functional and busy, the ideal for her is the accessory that makes the look. Sílvia searches to extract the best works out of modern design that can be worn for longer and more times, in all types of occasions. The ideal jewelry is classical, light and sober. Sílvia says she looks to, within the best quality available, offer the best variety of jewelry that is not only beautiful but perfectly executed for she is a perfectionist herself.

R. Rodrigo da Fonseca 88, Lisboa, Portugal

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