If you’re looking for one of the best bars in the world (67th place in the prestigious list of ‘The World’s 50 Best Bars in 2021’ to be precise) you don’t need to go further. In the heart of Lisbon, there’s a (not so) secret venue called Red Frog Speakeasy, a fancy cocktail bar inspired by the secret bars that proliferated during the prohibition of alcohol era in the 20s, in the United States. Long story short, in early 2020, the owners decided to move Red Frog from Rua do Salitre to Praça da Alegria, where in 2019 they opened ‘Monkey Mash’. It’s a bar within a bar, in a separate room, maintaining the spirit with which it was founded: being a secret bar. Venture out, but don’t miss the red frog placed on the wall, showing you where to ring the bell and ‘press for cocktails’. Once inside you’ll find all sorts of cocktails, from the classics to new school, all of them with a special twist.