Red Frog Speakeasy, although located just off Lisbon’s most fancy avenue, Avenida da Liberdade, is still a well kept secret. To find it, you must know it. The vibe is sort of New York style prohibition era, and so you must look for a red frog placed on the wall, showing you where to ring the bell and ‘press for cocktails’ . Hence its exclusiveness and uniqueness starts already from the outside with this faintly illicit vibe.  Inside, the small space, inspired in the 20’s and 30’s, invites you to sit in its very comfy stools and sofas and expect to be in a convivial and bohemian spirit along a smart cocktail taste. There is even a hidden room behind a false wall, which you can rent for private events.

The bar, is presented almost as a Sanctuary where the liquids are turned into Gods and the cocktails as their masterpieces. Hence from the very well stocked bar, you can expect to have a cocktail turned into art, following Red Frog Speakeasy’s motto.

On the menu, all the cocktails are designed with the Red Frog Speakeay twist. Cocktails are grouped within three temporal times: the “Early Classics & Golden Age” (19th to 20th century), the cocktail’s golden age; Followed by the “Desperate Times”, transporting us directly to the prohibition era; And finally the “Modernity Collection”, from the end of 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century.

Tip: From the “Early Classics & Golden Age” go for the Midnight Smugglers (based on Gin), that comes enclosed in a paper bag, to keep it hidden. Or try (to be) an American Gangster  or perhaps stop at a portuguese-indian  Martim Moniz Square.

RED FROG SPEAKEASY, Rua do Salitre, Lisbon, Portugal

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