After leaving Rio Maravilha in the über cool Lx Factory, Diogo Noronha opened doors to his new place in one of Lisbon’s trendiest neighbourhoods: Princípe Real. His restaurant is called Pesca, which translates to Fishing, in English, and is pretty straightforward in revealing the chef’s devotion to fish.

Walking in, you’ll find the open kitchen on your right and two dining areas: an interior room and, surprise: a patio! The latter, perfect for spring and summer.

By the entrance, the barman Fernão Gonçalves serves his signature cocktails to taste with oysters throughout the day. Sip through a bamboo straw a Mexican Zombie, with chilli peppers and seafoam, or try the pineapple daiquiri with a crispy pineapple tile

On the table, Diogo Noronha heavenly sails one of the culinary world’s toughest visual feats: making fish and seafood photogenic. Hence the dishes strand on the table with an almost Nordic feel, clear and clean. Yet, the flavours and dishes’ richness are put together by the ingredients’ freshness and chef Noronha’s hands.

For starters, try the chilled oysters with almond crumbs, elderflower, and wakame seaweed; or the tuna tartare which is tossed with wild strawberries and beetroot juice.

For mains, you can’t go wrong with the lobster rice with toasted buckwheat and herbs, or the anchovy (a Portuguese classic) with sweet corn bisque, roast corn, cookies in escabeche, and black olive tapenade.

And if one still has room for dessert, we recommend a reinterpretation of the rice pudding, from Sado puree and marmalade of ancestral citrus fruits, coconut ice-cream.



Pesca, Rua da Escola Politécnica, Lisbon, Portugal

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