One of the most unique brands to ever hit the Lisbon scene, Pelcor produces fashion accessories – in cork skin.

The sustainable pieces are all about design and innovation, coupling cork with careful manufacturing and eco-friendly materials. More than an accessory, each Pelcor product is a unique piece unlike anything else – much like in nature itself. With its trendy undertone, Pelcor combines contemporary design with excellent craftsmanship and translates cork and leather into simple shapes, appropriate for work, special occasions or just for fun.

A symbol of renewal and longevity, the cork oak has a lifetime of more than 250 years and is the only tree whose bark regenerates fully after each harvest. It’s also a national symbol, as Portugal is responsible for the production of 50% of the world’s cork supply – characterized by an elusive scent of dry wood and a smooth texture, the Pelcor cork skin is extremely light, waterproof, flexible, resistant, insulating and environmentally friendly.

Having gathered numerous accolades for their work, Pelcor have been an example to follow in the field of sustainable practices, as cork trees regenerate every 9 years – meaning the prime material for Pelcor’s production is of an almost limitless supply.

Their flagship store in Lisbon was also nominated by the Portuguese Fashion Awards for Best Store Design.

Pátio do Tijolo 16, Lisboa, Portugal

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