The name, Pavilhão Chinês (Chinese Pavilion) refers to the wide collection of chinoiseries exhibited inside. From a harlequin, a toy army, a sword, a military helmet, airplanes, maps, medals, beer mugs – lots of them, a bust of Bordalo Pinheiro, and we could go on and on… Visitors can find almost every kind of a souvenir in there.

Opened in 1986, the decor reveals the souvenir’s collection from Luis Pinto Coelho, a man who dreamed to give Lisbon this special and unique space.

The experience visiting Pavilhão Chinês starts from the moment visitors ring the bell at the door: A waiter – dressed in black pressed trousers, red waistcoat and a bow-tie over with a white shirt – greets and guides guests inside through the five rooms.

Pavilhão Chinês echoes the 16th and 17th-century German culture of the “Wunderkammer” (wonder-room) where travelers showcased the marvels from their expeditions to the “new world”.

The atmosphere is entertaining, mixing multi-language talks with some jazz and soul music.

For sipping while playing some snooker or chatting, try a crafted cocktail or some port wine.

Pavilhão Chinês, Rua Dom Pedro V, Lisbon, Portugal

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