Located at the Lisbon’s heart, in Chiado, from the outside, looking at Paris em Lisboa is to go back in time through the 18th century facade’s architecture. The stately wooden and steel windows, the engraved golden typeface and the Art Nouveau iron awning sign  there is history behind that facade to be revealed and told.

The shop Paris em Lisboa, with more than a century since its opening, in 1888, brought Paris to Lisbon, by the time when Paris became the world’s fashion capital and good taste.

Hence it soon became a success among lisbonners where fabrics, silks, embroidered and fine fabrics were imported and reached high society and posh classes. Some years later, Paris em Lisboa became the official supplier of the royal family, under the reign of Queen Amélia. Originally was selling only the fabrics, but it soon expanded its products range to home-wear, from bedroom, kitchen, bath to home scents and perfumes.

Today this products are still what make up most of the business, that occupies the three floor wooden interiors, keeping the same high standard of quality.

R. Garrett 77, Lisboa, Portugal

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