Located in the eclectic and creative hood of Bairro Alto, to enter at Oficina Marques, is to enter directly into the creativity world, to the fantastic and imagination realm. It is a shop, artists studio / workshop and an Art gallery.

Inside we can feel the creative free spirit, and so as we enter in the shop we know that there is a story to be told or heard. The visitor is welcomed by the creative and kind José, an Oficina Marques’ artist, who enthusiastically knows every piece’s story and leads the visitor to jump into their creative world, and shows their workshop and studio. Visiting the studio, is more than to go behind the scenes, it is to get embed into the Art flow and creation.

Get yourself lost among unique and exclusive pieces of art

Founded by the two brothers Gezo and Bete, Oficina Marques is a fusion of a talented brotherhood. Both started to make and craft their own toys since childhood, in Brazil, their homeland and their permanent source of inspiration. Regarding this, their is limitless and drifts from the street, markets, museums, rubbish, luxury and people’s life stories. In 2018 they changed their name from “Oficina Irmãos Marques” to just “Oficina Marques” and the project now consists only of Gezo Marques and José Aparício Gonçalves.

This life is transported and reflected into each art work, which many times takes the control of their own hands and expresses its own voice. There is life within each piece, as each results from a mutual dialog between the artist and the matter and elements to be transformed into Art.

Who visits Oficina Marques sees wood pieces, ceramics, furniture or old toys awaiting to have a new meaning and life. It will all depend on the artist intent, inspiration or purpose for each work. Oficina Marques, creates more than Art, it tells stories and gives life.

Their works have been under international eyes too, and the orders come from each side of the world: from private houses, hotels, shops, etc. Recognition that had been given also from international press such as Elle Decoration, Monocle, Wallpaper among others.

Welcome to the world of fantasy, to the never-land and get yourself lost among unique and exclusive Art pieces.

R. Luz Soriano 69, Lisboa, Portugal

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