O Prego da Peixaria literally translates to The Fishery’s Prego. Yes, that’s right; Prego, meat. Fishery, fish. O Prego da Peixaria has a prego made of meat, created in a fishery “made” of fish. And, believe it or not, the prego is their most successful dish.

The concept of O Prego da Peixaria is to honor the prego

It all started in 2010 with the SEA ME project – Modern Fishery, where the purpose was to pay tribute to the old fisheries that, across time, had disappeared from the beautiful city of Lisbon. The concept: a traditional market/Japanese and seafood restaurant that has fun with fish and seafood. A Modern Fishery, with a very strong touch of seafood restaurant.
And, as any self-respecting seafood restaurant, it was mandatory to have prego on the menu. A prego capable of surviving trends, incapable of surviving temptation, so good that it became the most praised product by friends and customers. So, an idea came to mind: to develop a concept to honor the prego.
And the concept went from an idea into life – a prego house that rebirths the ambiance from the cafés and eating houses that helped democratize this small piece of meat. A product made in Lisbon and enjoyed by all ages, all standings and all tribes. It’s called O Prego da Peixaria.

Located in the cool Príncipe Real neighbourhood, it’s the ideal place to grab a quick bite with friends, and it’s all about the prego.