When, in 1947, Lucilia do Carmo opened her Fado House, it was a small space at Rua da Barroca, which grew as the fame and recognition of its owner and later of her son, Carlos do Carmo, became unquestionable.
In 1980, O Faia had new owners, and it underwent some remodeling – a bar was created, the equipment upgraded, there were new facilities and materials and it was completely redecorated. This was, in fact, the last major intervention that O Faia has undergone.

In 2014, it celebrated 65 years of existence and was renewed, in a project with the signature of Architect Luís Candeias, and prepared for a few more decades with an open door, Fado evenings, good food and friend gatherings.
Focused on continuing and improving the quality of its offering, O Faia has perfected its conditions in terms of food hygiene and safety, personnel and storage facilities, created an air-conditioned wine cellar and a whole variety of details that are not visible to its visitors, but contribute to the end result of a perfect Fado evening.
More visible to clients is the new decoration and the lighting system designed for each table, that changes to create the environment needed for the Fado performances: darker, more intimate, almost religious.

O FAIA, Rua da Barroca, Lisbon, Portugal

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