It’s old, but it’s not old fashioned, we’re talking about a beautiful love affair between a pen and a piece of paper. Getting our thoughts into writing takes us back thousands of years in history, whether you’re a poet, or a sketcher, a writer or just busy in general and like to tick off your to do’s… there are no expectations, just a blank piece of paper.

Whilst we’re writing online most of the time, we have to admit we’re a little bit stationery addicts too and love paper in all its forms… But where does this story leads us? Well, when it comes to a matter of choice, we can certainly help. Created for modern people, Mishmash has come to the rescue!

We’re all compelled to talk about minimalism and the power of design and that’s exactly what Mishmash stands for. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, enhanced by the simplicity of their products and uncluttered design. In the words of its founder Beatriz Barros, Mishmash is ‘designing tools to empower the most creative minds’, and with a little help from the marketing expert Ricardo Barbosa this university project from Matosinhos started in 2015.

Today they’ve been invited to produce notebooks for the Guggenheim New York, there are numerous models, adapted to different types of writing. ‘I am leaning’ is a 30º degree ruled paper notebook that was specially made for those who ‘bend’ while writing. Isn’t that cool? The brand also provides a high level of custom-made stationary, ranging from textures to binding, hard versus soft covers.

You can purchase their products through their online store or in and selected stockists around the world. In Lisbon, Mishmash is available at Icon.

So above all…let’s keep it simple!



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