QuartoSala unveils the first Minotti store in Lisbon, a symbol of design innovation, savoir faire, and quality. The 200 m2 store is in Chiado, only a few steps away from Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, and brings together items from the brand’s collection as well as novelties for interiors and exteriors in six various situations.

Following two years of joining its portfolio, in 2019, Minotti extended an invitation to QuartoSala, resulting in the opening of the Italian company’s first flagship store in Portugal.

The architectural design for the store was created in partnership with Minotti and completed by QuartoSala, which invested one million euros in its realisation. The store’s location, in a culturally significant area, was a deciding factor for Minotti and QuartoSala.

Collections signed by Minotti’s creative director, Rodolfo Dordoni, as well as foreign designers that have collaborated with the brand, such as Marcio Kogan, Studio Nendo, and the duos GamFratesi and Inoda+Sveje, may be found in the new area. Three Portuguese works of art are also on display in the space: a vivid tapestry from Portalegre signed by Eduardo Nery and two oil paintings on acrylic glass by Gil Heitor Corteso, represented by Galeria Pedro Cera.

Largo de São Carlos, 15, 1200-410 Lisboa

Open Monday to Friday from 10 am - 7 pm and Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm