Along its 125 year history, Manteigaria Silva has survived the monarchy, the first republic, a dictatorship, the 25th April Revolution, and now to democracy!

Serving its customers over time has been consistent, and thus resisted throughout time. Manteigaria Silva has not only prevailed but most importantly, has kept its quality, uniqueness, identity and has been able to bring itself into contemporaneity, with a new concept and expansion to Mercado da Ribeira.

Located at Lisbon’s downtown, Manteigaria Silva is one of the centenary shops of the capital, the only one that still uses its original name “manteigaria”, which means a shop to buy butter, from a time where butter was sold per grams, and packed in a specific paper wrap.

From more than 20 “manteigarias” that once existed in Lisbon, Manteigaria Silva is the only one that still prevails today. Conserveira de Lisboa, also in Lisbon’s downtown, is another fine example of how traditional commerce and typical products can last through time, while keeping its quality and identity.

Going back in time, to the 19th century, the place used to be a slaughterhouse, becoming later the butcher of Praça da Figueira. Later, it was converted into a “manteigaria”, where besides buying butter, people could also buy other groceries. Even later, already in the 80’s, José Branco, who used to be the codfish supplier of manteigaria, decided to buy the shop and give the business continuity.

Nowadays, its inside is an ode to the senses, from the gleaming yellow cheeses, resting in a wooden board, to hams hanging from the ceiling, waiting to be finely cut with the classic Berkel cutting machine, from 1923.

José Branco knows each one of his products, from where it came, how it was produced, how it should be stored and used. His decades of experience taught him to master not only his own products but also other typical Portuguese gourmandises. So once there, you will want to ask him for his recommendations and he will proudly help you choose the product you need, yes, need.
In order to share Manteigaria Silva’s expertise at Mercado da Ribeira, there are cheese tasting events, so that people can learn to distinguish cheese flavours, scents and different textures.

Beside cheeses and hams, and among the old photos hanging on the walls, you can find many delicatessen, from jams, dried fruits, nuts, beans, wines, liqueurs and various kinds of quality dried codfish from Norway and Iceland, inside the shop.  All of this makes Manteigaria Silva a premier destination for foodies, food connoisseurs and chefs who want to get fine Portuguese gourmandises.


Rua Dom Antão de Almada 1, Lisboa, Portugal

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Opens: Mon - Sat 9:00 am - 7:30 am
Closed on Sundays and holidays