We know life tastes a lot better after a slice of Lxeesecake

After slowly entering our lives via online delivery, the creamiest of desserts found its way into the spotlight. And that’s why Lisbon now has a place solely dedicated to Madame Cheeselova cheesecakes. Housed in the über cool LxFactory, people can find Ana’s to-die for, slowly-baked New York–style cheesecakes. Made with love, clients may eat in store, takeaway to enjoy by the river, for instance or get them delivered to their doorstep. Baked daily at very low temperatures, they make the perfect dessert to impress loved ones at home.

Lose yourself in endless options or go with the classics (that never disappoint!). Banana cheesecake, lemon pie, Banoffee, pear, chocolate, apple pie, coffee…and the list goes on and on…

The fig, honey and dried fruits cheesecake is available seasonally and is one of the best-sellers, and for good reason.

Celiacs rejoice – there are gluten-free options too.

So smile and say “xeeeese”

LxFactory, Rua Rodrigues de Faria, Lisboa, Portugal

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Everyday from 11:00am until 20:00pm.