It was in 2010, in the Portuguese mountain village Manteigas located in Serra da Estrela mountain range, at the old wool factory Império  – the Thread Room – that Burel project began.
Burel aimed to use the knowledge and local expertise to craft the wool and to reshape it to contemporary standards and aesthetics. Thus, Burel was driven not only to keep alive a local tradition and heritage but also to reinvent it, contributing at the same time to value region’s natural resources.
Burel is an artisan Portuguese fabric made entirely from wool and comes from the mountain regions of Portugal.
The process of the wool crafting goes through several steps: after being carded, the wool is transformed into a mesh. After the mesh is twisted in the spinning process and turned into thread. Following this, the thread is woven into a fabric, which is then transformed into bunting at the loom. The bunting is then submitted to a pounding process and other processes, until it is finally transformed into burel.
The burel is a very versatile and resistant fabric that started to be used for capes and coats for snowy and winter days up in the mountains in Serra da Estrela by the shepherds.
Now Burel took it as a new material to be explored and incorporated into new designs.
The product range is wide and varies from backpacks, bags, cases to carpets, pillows, bed spreads, benches and wall linings.

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