Known for her naturalist pieces, Juliana Bezerra’s a dedicated flower lover who came straight from Brasil to work in her atelier at Páteo Bagatela – Lisboa. Moving to Portugal in 2005 to study Contemporary Jewelry she now runs her own business in a small space, decorated with jars that store flowers and shells, botanical books and a lot of postcards. But it is from experiencing a little chaos that sometimes new ideas appear.

A true master of the jewelry manufacture at Juliana’s atelier each mesmerizing detail is designed after a careful process of drawing it into paper tracing organic forms. Many of this are then put together to result in new pieces.

She works with materials such as gold and silver, to create necklesses, earrings and bracelets that look like flowers, animals or even fruits. Resorting on art history, the natural forms of elements are then explored to become more abstract. Exclusive patterns are made according to artisanal techniques that give life to some superb jewels. Each piece can take three hours to one or two full-days to make.

Glória da Manhã/Morning Glory is the brand’s newest edition, inspired by her voyage to Vietname and filled with japanese, chinese and french details. Every piece is beautifully custom designed, with an unfinished look and almost unpretentious. Also Clara, a collection which is inspired by her daughter, is yet but another declaration of love.

If you’re on a quest to find that one piece that will forever take your breath away, Juliana Bezerra’s creations are strong statements for any nature lover.

R. Artilharia 1 51, Lisbon, Portugal

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