On the famous Avenida da Liberdade, 15 minute walk from our hotel, a culinary journey to Asia awaits.  As you step into the restaurant, you’ll surely notice the flamboyant furniture of all sorts and kinds, the colours, and the shiny neon lights on the walls. The decoration breathes an Asian inspiration that is embedded in the Portuguese presence in the East – the brave, adventurous, and curious Portuguese sailors that were responsible for opening up food and spice routes to all four corners of the globe! Taking that into account, the open kitchen will be responsible for bringing all those flavours to the table.

The restaurant was designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán, the name responsible for the group’s first adventure, the JNcQUOI Avenida, and stands out for its sophisticated interiors and casual environments of eclectic functionality. Altogether there are three distinct spaces: a restaurant, a terrace, and a bar.

You’ll find the Asian Restaurant at the very center of the room, where you’re welcomed by a huge skeleton of a dragon. In ancient Chinese culture, it’s said that the dragon symbolizes great power, good luck and strength. Emperors were assumed to have descended from the dragons – well, we can guarantee you that you’ll feel like one when you get a seat under the dragon’s belly, tasting the most exquisite delicacies.

If you prefer to lean back and enjoy the fresh breeze of Lisbon, the Terrace is a great option to enjoy your meal with a cool drink, especially on hot days. This outdoor area was aimed to recreate the vibe of the hectic streets of Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

The Ganda Bar is not just a place to drink, it’s also the place to be, to live together and create fond memories of your night in Lisbon. The name was given after the first Rhinoceros that touched ground in Europe, back in the XVI century, brought by the protagonists of the story – the Portuguese.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday noon to midnight, except the Ganda Bar, which is open from noon till 2 am Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

At JNcQUOI Asia there is always something to appreciate, as this is the perfect place if you want to see and be seen in Lisbon – full of good-looking people. Indeed, a very cosmopolitan place nonetheless.

If you dare to pay a visit to JNcQUOI Asia, we have some recommendations of dishes to be shared such as the Negitoro (Minced big eye tuna with spring onion, egg yolk, miso, and wasabi on rice), the Vindaloo Curry (Goan pork curry with black pepper and vinegar served with basmati rice and chapatti) and some desserts (we believe that those with a sweet tooth will want them just for themselves) like the Rhinoceros Drool (Chocolate. Caramel, egg custard, biscuit and cream mousse) or the Hazelnut Biscuit with Two Chocolates. Over the weekend, there’s Yam Cha brunch!


Image credits: JNCQUOI Asia courtesy

JNcQUOI Asia, Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon, Portugal

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