Started in Portobello Road by two men looking for second-hand traditional British clothing, a business partnership was quickly started under the form of a small street stall in Portobello Road itself, where they would sell the clothes after cleaning and conditioning. A few years later, Hackett ventured into the sport of Polo, where it gained mainstream appeal and launched itself into the limelight of British clothing, finally starting to produce their own, high-quality clothing.

Decades later, Hackett has become an established international brand, known for the quality and crafstmanship of their clothing, and has decided to grace the already luxurious Avenida da Liberdade with their presence, further cementing the city’s fashion appeal and joining the other high-end brands that are setting up shop in Lisbon.

Hackett has also been a global partner of the British Polo Day event for years, starting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and now even sponsoring the global series – an event that celebrates the luxury heritage in Britain, for which Hackett provides all the teams’ kit and entertains guests in typical British manner. They have also been Aston Martin Racing’s longest continual sponsor as the Official Clothing Partner, which further speaks to the quality and heritage of the brand.

Hackett London, Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon, Portugal

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