Considered by many to be one of Lisbon’s best restaurants, Gambrinus is an old-school place that has since its opening in 1936, been acknowledged as an icon in Lisbon of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

The restaurant became a luxury restaurant in the 60s, and it has been preserved and stayed unchanged, without losing its fundamentals: the customer comes first, preserving tradition and quality for 364 days/year from noon to 1.30 am.

Inside the cozy and classic space, customers can opt to sit by the counter or to sit at one of the tables, with white tablecloths for a more restaurant feeling. Both spots are great to try Gambrinus’s infamous croquettes or Roast beef. Don’t be taken by surprise if you hear kissing noises around… is the staff way to call each others attention.

The consistency and impeccable service turn Gambrinus into a reliable everyday choice.

Etiquette at Gambrinus: 

  1. always have a croquette as starter;
  2. don’t ignore the roasted almonds, in case you opt to sit by the counter.
  3. the wait for the rye toasted bread is worth it.
  4. Roasted beef is a must;
  5. Finish your meal with a siphon coffee…

Image credits: Gambrinus

Restaurante Gambrinus, Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, Lisbon, Portugal

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