Eric Kayser, a 4th generation baker, created his authentic concept and techniques in 1996, offering artisan bread originating from France, while linking tradition and modernity with no concession on freshness or taste.

Eric Kayser has launched an extensive product offering with more than 300 breads, baked goods and pastries, grocery products and a range of savoury or sweet treats. He has created a high-end yet affordable brand with modern, urban store design, and successfully established more than 110 stores around the world.

“Good bread does not lie: it says everything about the quality of its ingredients and know-how of its creator. A true baker performs a miracle everyday: Transforming simple elements, water, yeast, salt and flour into complex and varied flavors. So, that’s my passion which I would like to share and communicate to other craftsmen across France and the world.”

– Eric Kayser

In France and throughout the world, he offers a wide range of bread, viennoiserie, dessert, macaron, and pastry.

Tasty breakfasts, brunches, coffee and delicious pastries are some of the staples of the Chiado store, one of our favourite of his in Lisbon. Special treats include white chocolate cookies, nut breads, croissants and strawberry pie, that are sure to leave you wanting more. Thankfully, you can find them all around town, much to the delight of Lisbon’s gourmands.


Eric Kayser, Lisbon, Portugal

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