Located in an industrial building, designed by architect João Regal and interior designer Filipe Alarcão, Deli Delux is Lisbon’s first delicatessen, grocery store and café. An epicurean’s delight – take home the awardwinning olive oil, foie gras, chocolates, exotic fruits, smoked salmon, stuffed sausages, cured hams and delicious Portuguese cheeses such as serra or azeitão, or dine in and enjoy the rivers views, because more than a grocery shop or delicatessen, DeliDelux is an experience in itself, which invites you to enjoy a light meal or simply have a cappuccino at their riverside café. The menu, devised by chef Leonor Manita, includes an array of mouthwatering suggestions from fresh salads and sandwiches of Mediterranean inspiration, to a selection of cheeses, cured hams and sausages, traditional Portuguese pastries alongside international desserts, and the convenient weekend brunch,  to be had as slowly as your rhythm allows. And of course, all of the ingredients used in our recipes can be bought at the deli.

Rua Alexandre Herculano 15A, Lisboa, Portugal

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sunday to thursday: 10am to 10pm
friday and saturday: 10am to 11pm