DCK Boardshorts is a 100% Portuguese brand founded by three friends that, after a trip to Bali in 2009, found out a gap in Portugal’s supply of affordable and stylish swim shorts, something that was plentiful to find in Bali, apparently. So, they brought a case full of these shorts home, in which they printed a logo and quickly made up a name for – it was the initial letter of each of their names – DCK.

Fast forwarding a few years, DCK really became one of the most well-known brands for swim shorts in Portugal for its quality, good looking at a fair price boardshorts.

Year by year, they kept on growing. From local markets and pop-up sales to Flagship Stores, they even developed an online store that ships internationally, as well as partnering with some of the greatest structures and personalities in the country.

In terms of products, they have over 300 models of swim shorts and recently, they launched a line of recycled jackets.

R. da Misericórdia 63, 1200-271 Lisboa, Portugal

Open every day from 10 am - 8 pm