Once upon a time in Denmark, three Danish girls decided to open a café where they would focus entirely in one ingredient: coffee. The beans were important, but the key performance indicator would be the grinding process.

Ever since they arrived in this typically heavy coffee drinker country, new stores have been sprouting here and there. In total there are more than six coffee shops just in Lisbon!

Coffee will be brought to you in its splendour through 3 different methods: frenchpress, aeropress or V60. You can also grab a bite of the typical specialties of the Copenhagen mother house, such as fresh cinnamon buns out of the oven!

The atmosphere inside this authentic coffee wonderland is cosmopolitan: there are children around and lots of tablets. White dominates the clean decor, the woods are light and there is no untouched space – including the window sill, where foreigners/digital nomads take the opportunity to work on their laptops.


Nova da Piedade 10, 1200-192 Lisboa

Av. Álvares Cabral 13C, 1250-015 Lisboa

Campo de Santa Clara 136, 1100-474 Lisboa

Escolas Gerais 34, 1100-213 Lisboa

Rua Prior do Crato 1a, 1350-352 Lisboa

Rua de S. Paulo 62, 1200-019 Lisboa

Rua dos Douradores 188, 1100-204 Lisboa