Choupana Caffe is one of the coolest places to open in Lisbon in recent years.
The space is owned by a Portuguese couple that have traveled the world in search for inspiration to build it – Italy, Barcelona, London, New York and Toronto are only some of the destinations from which they draw their ideas for the future of their establishment, but all the products are locally-sourced and produced at the caffe.

Choupana Caffe is a foodie heaven in pastel and white colours

Located in the central Av. da República, the decoration is trendy, modern and unassuming, in pastel and white colours, with plenty of natural light courtesy of the big glass windows that cover the entrance to the caffe.

Their signature croissants with chocolate or nutella are absolutely to die for and go down as a definite must-try in any foodie’s list. Then you have the typical pastéis de nata, orange cake, bagels, focaccias or the Mafra bread… it’s like walking into foodie heaven. Everything is always fresh from the oven, brought to you by impeccably dressed employess that always have a smile on their face and all the time of the world for you, even if the place is normally as busy as a bee. Beyond breakfast, you can have a pizza, a soup, a salad, a hamburger, a cake or even try to be healthy, ignore all the candy, and go straight to the biological yogurt corner – to which you can add several different toppings.

Choupana Caffé, Avenida da República, Lisbon, Portugal

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Closes at 8pm