The ancient art of measuring time has created magnificent timepieces that reflect the highest and most amazing human qualities. These timepieces mark every moment of our lives and as such should be treated with the utmost rigor, thoroughness and dedication. These are some of the values that clearly distinguish Boutique dos Relógios, the largest watch retail chain in Portugal. Each shop is a space genuinely devoted to the fascinating art of time.

Implemented throughout the Portuguese territory, Boutique dos Relógios shops provide the best traffic conditions and a wide range of specialized services. Each “time space” was designed to provide the most appropriate conditions of exhibition, visibility and access to the timepieces and ensure a fully personalized and specialized costumer service.

Boutique dos Relógios was established in 1997 as the result of the creation of a structured concept in all aspects, designed to fully respond to the high requirement levels and strict values of the most prestigious Swiss watchmaking manufacturers.

Every day from 10am - 7pm
Sundays from 11am - 6pm