Located in the heart of Porto, Arcádia assumes itself as a factory of craft confectionery, maintaining the tradition in its recipes and manufacturing processes, where only natural and carefully selected products are used. Belonging to the Bastos family since 1933, Arcádia has always been an important reference to the city of Oporto. Nowadays, it is famous for its delicious chocolates and chocolate cat tongues, among several other specialties. The traditional assortment of Arcádia maintains the original shapes and flavours since 1933. One of the secrets lies undoubtedly in the craft production method and in the choice of ingredients. The chocolate used in the confection of all products is of high quality.  To better match all the tastes and needs, the traditional assortment is also available both in milk chocolate and without added sugar. Despite having a strong past, Arcadia has been keen on continuously improving its knowledge.

Now with a strong presence is Lisbon, Arcádia can be found all over town and especially in Time Out Mercado da Ribeira, and is one of the bets places to get something sweet after your meal.

Avenida 24 de Julho 49, Lisboa, Portugal

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