Or simply known as “Pastéis de Belém”. Actually, Confeitaria de Belém no longer needs any name. Its pastries fame have crossed borders, known as the Portuguese custard tarts or Pastéis de Nata.

The original “Pasteis de Belém” recipe was created by the nuns from Jerónimos Monastery, by the 17th century. Later, in 1837 the ultra-secret recipe was passed to Antiga Confeitaria de Belém and followed since then. From its start to the success of the tarts was a blow. Other pastry houses and cafes have tried since then to discover and copy the recipe, however even the most successful ones are still different from the originals. The locals know the originals from its smell to the moment they taste it.

From Antiga Confeitaria de Belém, an average of 20,000 tarts are produced daily, with a peak in the Summer, reaching the double amount daily, 40,000.

Located in the historical neighborhood, Belém, Antiga Confeitaria de Belém is a non-miss spot. The place will be marked by the huge line at its door, where tourists wait to grab a box and try some. Locals usually don’t get scared with the enormous line, and sneak inside, where to find a table will be perhaps faster than to wait outside to bring some home.

Inside the place has seen some remodeling and enlargements throughout time. The older rooms are beautifully decorated with blue tiles. Inside, get delighted seeing the kitchen from where these gems are coming out of ovens every half an hour.

Tip. Become a local, and take some time to indulge inside with one, two, three… with an expresso or latte. Once you are filled, order the waiter a box to bring home.


Pastéis de Belém, Rua de Belém, Lisbon, Portugal

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