Get out the syrup! If you’re starting to feel that delicious smell of pancakes that’s probably because you’re somewhere walking around Campo de Ourique. An enchanting and historic neighborhood that lies in the heart of the city and where Amélia, a purebred poodle, peacefully rests. Yes, we do love our inner city brunch spots and cosy neighborhoods.

Brunch gets a new look at this wonderful spot with a secret garden inside. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or grab a bite, order yourself a granola with fresh fruit and yogurt, an avocado toast or scrambled eggs and enjoy the colorful dishes arriving to the table. The freshly made mimosa’s (orange juice with champagne) and the crepiocas (eggs and tapioca) are also a fantastic way to satisfy any sweet-tooth cravings. You won’t go hungry with all the options in the menu.

All and all, it’s a place filled with portuguese details and created for those who enjoy healthy food, highlighted by the quality of national products.

With a cousin, Basílio, and a boyfriend, Nicolau, strolling around the cities avenues, Amélia’s still one of our favourite family members.

Rua Ferreira Borges, 101, Campo de ourique 1350-128

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Everyday from 08:30am - 22:00pm