Brasileira is perhaps the most known and emblematic cafes in Lisbon. Centrally located, in Largo do Chiado, with an Art Deco style, with its gold and green facade, has opened its doors in 1905. Since then it became a reference to Portuguese intellectuals and artist community. Home for artist and politicians gatherings. In Brasileira has inspired names as Fernando Pessoa who sought for inspiration and wrote part of his literary masterpieces there; Almada Negreiros or Stuart Carvalhais who have exhibited their art works there.

When it opened, the owner a former coffee dealer, it was possible to buy a kilo of Brazilian coffee.

Nowadays Brasileira is indeed a touristic attraction, and so some of its laise fair charm has gone with all the buzz and people around. However, is still worth a visit to take a small expresso (order a bica) with any Portuguese sweet treat.

Café A Brasileira, Rua Garrett, Lisbon, Portugal

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