Yugoslavian Chef, Ljubomir Stanisic, surprises customers daily in ‘100 ways’, depending on his Ribeira market purchases. A hotspot for the jet-setting crowd, the intimate black and white restaurant seats just 30 at a time. The menu features more fish than meat, alongside 100 Portuguese wines. Don’t miss the surprise desserts.

Cozy, intimate, romantic. Sophisticated without exaggeration, contemporaneous without excess. The first 100 Maneiras in Lisbon was the first restaurant to usher a new trend in the kitchen, the first to have only a tasting menu, at a fixed price, with no menu à la carte. It has about 30 seats, which rotate twice on weekend nights, but even then you don’t lose the sense of familiarity and ease that are hallmarks of this space that was once home to Olivier and Porta Branca restaurants. 100 Maneiras Bairro Alto is a non-smoking space, given its small dimension, but also because it doesn’t invite to long gatherings nor too noisy dinners. It is ideal for conversations between two people, to update dialogues, to update friendships. The service is informal but assertive, the environment is friendly but not parochial. In the “Bairro”, but only with its advantages.

Rua do Teixeira 35, Lisboa, Portugal

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