Xana Nunes

It was in 1999, that Xana Nunes decided to open the doors, of what is today, perhaps one of the biggest Fashion and Luxury Public Relations and Press Offices agencies in Lisbon. Offering a transverse communication services to brands, from events to public relations. Their clientele include brands such as Cartier, Hermès, Prada, Miu Miu, IWC, Dom Pérignon, Khiels, Vila Joya, G-Star or H&M. Hence we wanted to know the name and woman behind XN, able to capture and meet this top luxury brands expectations.

Secret location?

Lisbon has many places where people can just look at the views, listening to the silence of a calm city, with gentle wind. From the viewpoints to gardens and squares, in Lisbon there are many spots where I can meditate and be in peace. At the moment, since I am close to the next Lisbonweek location, Lumiar, I am in love for the Monteiro Mor Botanic's Park

Best view?

My gym's view at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz. Lisbon's awake, the nearly 360º around it, there is something magnificent in this rooftop that turns it into the best rooftop in town.

A guilty pleasure?

Dark Chocolate with 80% cocoa and pancakes with Maple Syrup.

Where can we find you on Sunday?

Usually with family. Lazy mornings followed by walks with our three dogs at some park. Healthy lunches, cold fresh and natural juices, salads and some grilled fish are part of the day, which can end up with movies, surf for some, paddle surf for others, football for others... Yes we do like sport.

A trend for Lisbon’s future?

Innovation and Culture's City. Plus is not the future, it is the present.

Favourite drink in the city? Coolest place to have a drink? Whats your favourite summer drink?

Coriander and Vodka cocktail at 100 Maneiras. And lately I like to go to Clandestino. A glass of white wine, the Aragonez Invisível, and cold!

Where do you like to unwind?

Hiking during full moon. To walk along the seaside by the end of the day.

Something you cannot resist?

To Lisbon's light, the tram's yellow, to the clothes hanging outside in Bairro Alto, to the voices that come out from Fado Houses in Mouraria, and more, much more...

What's your favourite beach?

Around Lisbon, Avencas beach.

A restaurant to go with family and friends?


A favourite daytrip from Lisbon? And why?

We are so lucky. One is to be from Lisbon and to go to Setúbal for some fried sepia, before taking a the ferryboat to Comporta and along the way to see the medusas, sometimes dolphins, and head to an almost empty beach, to dive into the wavy sea, to return through a small road and end up at Vale do Gaio. Why ? Because it can be the perfect day.

Someone NOT to be stuck in an elevator with?


Your company, XN Brand dynamics, a reputed Communication Consultancy agency, has organized some of the city's most memorable events - from fashion to culture - where do you find inspiration?

The event details must express the brand ADN. Each brand has a character, beautiful stories to tell, goals to achieve, different people to relate, all that ingredients usually give me the formula to uniqueness. My inspiration is a very intuitive process. It´s almost automatic when i get the briefings. I connect the dots and give my mind freedom to dream. I´m very lucky as my clients completely trust me and give me freedom to create.

A tip for organizing a great event in the city?

Contact my company ?

In 2012, XN released its' first Cultural project: Lisbon Week, in partnership with the Lisbon City Hall, a biennial event is geared for locals and tourists alike.

Why did you think the timing was right for such an event in the city?

The idea came out of the other beautiful events. It was sad that after preparing all the details I closed the doors of fantastic places only open for that propose for 3 or 4 hours to 200 guests. I thought that was time to be democratic and to open a fantastic less known city to everybody, showing other neighbourhoods then the usual ones, watered with the 7 Arts, decentralizing attentions, giving new energy to forgotten places.
In 2010, people from abroad already begin to fall in love with the town… They need different stories then pastéis de nata and Jerónimos. So, again i was telling stories. This time, about my city and its players.

Next edition will take place 25th of March 2017 and we will talk about Lumiar neighbourhood. We will talk about palaces with amazing gardens, cinema, fashion and street art. Lumiar will be on the map and attentions of 2017.

Something unique about Lisbon?

Lisbon is like a luxury brand. Have all the same values.

If you were telling a friend form abroad why they should visit Lisbon, what would you say?

You don’t know what you are loosing...