Playing the lead role of Christine Daaé in London West End’s  Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical “Phantom of the Opera”, the stunning Sofia Escobar is one of Portugal’s leading actresses and already has a Best Musical Theatre Actress Award and a Laurence Olivier under her belt.

Although she’s been in London for several years now, she is often back in Lisbon, we were excited to learn her views on our very own city.
Just imagine her powerful voice singing her answers... below:

- Secret location?

My secret locations are unavoidably connected to green open spaces, woods, gardens, places where I feel calm and connected to nature, places where I allow my son to play and explore! For example, the Gulbenkian gardens. Perfect to lay on the grass reading a good book or to go see the exhibits in the Modern Art Centre.

- Best view?

Crossing Tejo in a boat and looking at Lisbon from the middle of the river is for me one of the most charming ways of acknowledging just how special Lisbon is, how open it is to the sun.

- A guilty pleasure?

Clams in Bar do Peixe in Meco after a warm beach weekend!

- Where can we find you on a Sunday?

You can usually find me in Bikram yoga followed by some delicious eggs benedict with my husband and friends!

- Favourite drink in the city?

I hardly drink any alcoholic drinks so I would say a foamy cappuccino!

- Coolest place to have a drink?

My garden! Along with a barbecue with my friends! Also Casa Independente in Largo do Intendente.

- Whats your favourite summer drink?

Again I don't drink much but I'd say a Caipirinha!

- A restaurant where you go with your friends/family?

The Ponto Final is a wonderful restaurant in Almada that serves super fresh fish! They have tradicional Portuguese plates on their menu and it's on top of the River. Wonderful place for family gatherings.

- Where do you like to unwind after long hours performing? 

The best way for me to relax is to enjoy a cup of strong coffee by the sea on my own. I usually take my faithful note pad and write down everything from random thoughts to shopping lists, to things I need to improve in my work and career. All of this while listening to the relaxing sounds of the ocean. It keeps me grounded and helps me see things more clearly.

- Something you cannot resist?

I simply cannot resist a sunset by the sea. Theres a special silence and it's even better when shared with someone you love.

- If you had friends staying in Lisbon for 24hours only what would you say are the absolute must sees and must do's?

I would say all of the above would be included in the list. Sharing all those moments with friends makes Lisbon even more unique. The memories of this beautiful city will accompany those who visit forever. I have a lot of friends who consider Lisbon unforgettable.

- What can you do here & nowhere else?

Going to a Casa de Fados and allowing yourself to feel immersed in this sentiment that defines us, that's such a great part of our Portuguese souls and culture. Deep, simple and beautiful. You don't get that anywhere else.

- What did you miss most when living in London?

My family, my friends and family Sunday lunches at my parents enjoying tradicional portuguese plates cooked by my mother filled with flavour and love.

- Do you sing in the shower? If so, what?

I try not to annoy my neighbours too much but it's true that the shower is a great place to sing! I particularly enjoy doing vocal warm ups in there, the steam is amazing for the voice! I end up singing quite a lot of Disney songs like Part of your World and Frozen!

- Who (alive or dead) would you like to do a duet with?

Dulce Pontes! I absolutely adore her, her voice, her work and her aura! I have admired her for many years.

- Someone NOT to be stuck in an elevator with?

I don't know, the cast of Stomp? Joking, I would say someone claustrophobic, like me!