The creative mind behind the cork emporium that is Pelcor, one of the most unique brands to ever hit the Lisbon scene, Sandra Correia really loves to think out of the box. Her products are all about design and innovation, coupling cork with careful manufacturing and eco-friendly materials. More than an accessory, each Pelcor product is a unique piece unlike anything else – much like in nature itself. With its trendy undertone, Pelcor combines contemporary design with excellent craftsmanship and translates cork and leather into simple shapes, appropriate for work, special occasions or just for fun.

With such a unique approach to things, we were super excited to hear her thoughts on Lisbon!

Her answers, below:

- Secret location?
Belém, near Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. I love the spirit and the garden's smell.

- Best view?
St. Jorge's Castle.

- A guilty pleasure?
Eating Pastéis de Belém in Belém.

- What's the weirdest thing you've experienced in Lisbon?
The day I did a tour in Lisbon inside a Cork Electric Cable car, called Tram Tour. It was a weird but simultaneously outstanding experience.

- Where can we find you on a Sunday?
Walking on my Kangoo Jumps along Lisbon margins.

- A trend for Lisbon's future?
Developing a city bike made of cork skin.

- A restaurant to go with friends and/or family?
Mercado da Ribeira for the distinctive and amazing atmosphere.

- Where do you like to unwind?
Belém gardens.

- What can you do here & nowhere else?
Feel safe and have sun and beach nearly anytime of the year.

– Apart from Lady Gaga or Madonna who already own a couple of Pelcor pieces, who (alive or dead) would you like to see wearing one of your signature bags or umbrella? 
PINK of course, she is my number ONE, that's my dream!

- Something you would like to launch in cork in an upcoming collection?
We launched this September CORKY by Pelcor, a new line of accessories for dogs and cats, inspired by my Portuguese Water Dog - Corky.

- What is the company's best seller in Lisbon?
The iconic Tall Umbrella.

- Something you'd like to make out of cork but can't because technology doesn't allow?
Developing car interiors in cork skin! Unfortunately, until today, technology hasn't found a way to do it.

- Someone NOT to be stuck in an elevator with?
Darth Vader from Star Wars :)!