A French actor and director of Portuguese lineage, Ruben Alves had his directorial debut in 2013 with "La Cage Dorée", a movie about an immigrant Portuguese family in France. Although it's not an autobiographical movie, Ruben says it is inspired by his parents.

We were intrigued to know about his view on Lisbon, and Ruben was kind enough to answer a few questions:

- Secret location?
A friend's wood cabin in the middle of the beach in Costa da Caparica (but husssh…).

- Best view?
A second secret location with an amazing view: Igreja de Santo Amaro.

- A guilty pleasure?
Bola de Berlim from Tartine.

- What’s the weirdest thing you’ve experienced in Lisbon?
Spending 3 hours in the house of an old woman I had never met before, just because I was walking around the streets next to the Prazeres cemetery at night, and she invited me for coffee and to show me her cats and bibelots in the middle of the night... That's Lisbon!

- What is the first thing you do when you land in Lisbon?
Have fresh orange juice with toast.

- What Portuguese dish/dessert/ingredient, do you crave most when in France?
Fresh fish and the coffee.

- Where can we find you on any given Sunday (when in Lisbon)?
If the weather is good, at the beach for sure. If not, having Brunch at a friend's place.

- A trend for Lisbon’s future?
Duplex, La Puttana... all of Francisco Rebelo De Andrade's places! A trendy guy for Lisbon's future.

- Favourite drink in the city?
A fresh cocktail juice at Park.

- Where do you like to unwind?
In the window of a typical tram, with the wind blowing in my face.

- Something you cannot resist?
The arroz de tomate (tomato rice) in a clay pot at Ponto Final.

- What can you do here & nowhere else?
Take time to do things… Have a real breakfast, talk with neighbours, lounge at a coffee shop and listen to conversations.

- Someone NOT to be stuck in an elevator with?
A drunk foreigner.

- Someone you’d like to star in your next movie (dead or alive)?
Amália Rodrigues

- Where do you go shopping when in Lisbon?
In antique shops, junk yards, vintage furniture.

- What inspires you?
The truth of the human being.