Raquel Strada, a name that most of us already heard of.
Having started her career as an actress, she soon became TV host - Television has been her natural professional field.
Her je ne sais quois and style soon pointed her as an it girl to follow,  it's towards her to whom cameras turn to during fashion and social events.

Fashion is indeed Raquel's passion, reason why she launched her personal blog, a platform where she is able to explore it further, The Blue Ginger.

We met with her and are curious to follow her steps in Lisbon.

Secret location?

So many. To dinner out, from 100 Maneiras to Toma lá dá cá, all are part of my routine and my usual spots. When I want to unwind, I head to Gulbenkian Foundation or to the garden of Tapada da Ajuda

Best view?

Yours! We can see all Lisbon from up there.

A guilty pleasure?

Red wine. I cannot resist it.

Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon?

Out for Brunch with friends and family, at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon or at Nicolau.

A perfect day with your family or friends?

To wake up at 11:00 am, to go for a stroll in Principe Real, to grab something from one of the thousand pastry shops in town.... to visit a museum that I haven't been yet, and to dinner with friends at theirs or at my place.  Later, head to Cais (Cais do Sodré) to dance and dance.

A trend for Lisbon’s future?

I would like that there would be less traffic and more efficient public transportation. The city is way better when walking.

Favourite drink in the city? Coolest place to have a drink?

Beer. There is a great place with craft beer only, at Escadinhas do Duque. For cool and trendy, the kiosk in Principe Real (Quiosque do Oliveira) and in the Summer, o Incógnito because of its astonishing view.

What can you do here & nowhere else?

To walk peacefully around. To walk in a city blessed with light... eating amazing food and to meet friendly people too.

Favourite book/band/movie?

A book: The Catcher in the Rye from J.D. Salinger and The Baltimore brothers.

Band... Brazilian music: Chico Buarque, Elis Regina, Ana Carolina... and Fado.

Film... hummm maybe The 21 grams

Why did you decide to create a blog?

I wanted to have my own platform. Beyond the TVshows, I wanted to talk about Fashion, in a more serious way.

Who’s your style icon?

Alexa Chung and Patricia Manfield.

The best beauty tip someone ever gave you?

To hydrate the lashes with sweet almond oil. And beer in the hair, that's the secret to have cool beach hair.

The most important fashion addresses in Lisbon?

Principe Real has some Portuguese designers, Alexandra Moura, Lidia Kolovrat are only some examples... Principe Real also has a great Sunday street market. There is a vintage shop - located between Largo do Carmo and Rossio, towards Largo do Duque de Cadaval.

For fancier options, Zadig & Voltaire or Prada. But for me, Amoreiras Shopping centre is the most convenient, since it's my next door.

The most important beauty addresses in Lisbon?

Griffehairstlyle (hair studio). They are the best.

Something you cannot resist?

Food. Nicely cooked.

Someone to take out for dinner? (alive or dead)

Hummm... my husband. Always makes me laugh.

Someone NOT to be stuck on an elevator with?

So many. But if so, please someone who had showered. (laughs)

Any new projects to 2017? Or a dream project?

Several. Some partnerships and campaigns on the way... new projects, writing related and a TV project. I am happy.