Pureza Mello Breyner is a Portuguese wedding dresses designer. Her name couldn't fit better her professional passion and work, Pureza, in Portuguese means purity. Nothing could be more meaningful when in relation with the purity within the white color that brides still seek.

Pureza designs wedding dresses for already eight years. Along her studies, this design piece became her passion and subject of a constant research and exploration. The beginning of her career as a wedding dress' designer, started with her friends who looked for her designs, but soon she realized it should become something bigger and transform it into her life and business.

Thus in 2012 Pureza opened her studio that along this eight years rapidly grew. Each dress is designed accordingly to each woman's taste and body. As Pureza claims, the design process starts in the moment she meets the client, by her gestures, what she is wearing etc.

As result, silks and laces are transformed into delicate and fine design pieces, creating beautiful wedding dresses. So we talked with Pureza and got to know where she finds her inspiration.

- Secret location?

If I tell you it´s not a secret anymore!!

- Best view?

Lisbon seen from Tagus River. Gorgeous!

- A guilty pleasure?

Portuguese custards. Love it! To escape Pastéis de Belém crowd, try Manteigaria in Chiado, Cristal in Lapa or the ones from Mini Copa, on my street: Avenida Guerra Junqueiro.

- Where can we find you on Sunday?

Beach, beach, beach! In Costa da Caparica, Guincho or Comporta, I always choose the beach. During Winter I prefer to have lunch at a noisy pizzeria where my children can be around, La Finestra has incredible pizzas and it is just some steps from Gulbenkian gardens.

- A trend for Lisbon’s future?

Lisbon is undoubtedly trending right now, and it is wonderful to see more and more shops opening and thriving around the city. The weekend markets are a trend that I'm really loving.

- Favorite drink in the city? Coolest place to have a drink? Whats your favorite summer drink?

A mojito at Rio Maravilha. The view is stunning and the barmen are flawless, they find creative solutions for all wishes!

- Where do you like to unwind?

I love to go out for dinner with my husband, without the children, we hop on the motorbike and go for a ride. Any tiny, little restaurant in Bairro Alto will do, and preferably with fresh fish.

- Something you cannot resist?

Sushi!! Whether its a quick lunch at Amoreiras or a more sophisticated dinner, I can never get enough.

- What's your favorite beach?

Comporta. Always Comporta. I've summered there since I was born - its paradise close to Lisbon. Its perfect for a day trip and to then return after a casual dinner at  any local restaurants.

- A restaurant to go on a date?

For a relaxed date, a drink at Adamastor (that view!) and a dinner at Isco, nearby in Bica. Isco has the best fish tacos in Lisbon.

- A favorite day trip from Lisbon? And why?

During Summer, Comporta. During Winter any small town in Alentejo, such as Monsaraz or Alcácer do Sal (here try Tasca do Barrocas!). The big advantage of living in a small country is that we are within a few hours drive from anywhere.

- Someone NOT to be stuck in an elevator with?

Someone with too powerful a perfume... I'll feel sick all day long!

- Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! But my best source of inspiration are the women that surround me, my friends, my family and even my clients, the ones who are already married, as well as the ones who are about to. They confess their fears regarding what they will go through and feel on their wedding day, their expectations and wishes.

- What makes your wedding dress completely unique?

I design my dresses to be a combination of the brides' style and my own personal vision and taste. I think I can tell they are feminine, delicate and romantic. And light - very light!

- If a bride comes to you without any ideas, how do you help her?

I start by looking at her body shape, and what she is wearing on that day. Even their body language says a lot. If she is tense or more relaxed, if she will be comfortable in the role of a bride and to be under spotlight for a day, or if instead she wants something more discrete and classic.

- Do you remember all the wedding dresses you've designed?

Yes, all of them.

- If you could choose someone (alive or dead) to design their wedding dress, who would it be?

A European princess would be a great challenge.

- You've just launched "So long Mary John" - Who are your aiming your blog at?

All the girls and Portuguese women, single, married or engaged. Above all, I want the blog to be a fun space, rule-free, as weddings should be! I want to break some rules that we still have in Portugal regarding weddings, and show that they don't all need to be the same, with a ceremony, followed by a cocktail, waltz and DJ. No!

See her online page here