Jasmine Lazzari is the founder and creative director of The Wedding Company, and leads a team of highly experienced wedding & event planners, who work closely with each couple and with exceptional detail.

TWC have become renowned for being Portugal’s premium wedding planning and event design company. The core team has over twenty years of event planning expertise within the luxury goods market and they offer a range of unsurpassed services.

With all her experience, Jasmine is used to out-of-the-box requests, and knows where to find some of Lisbon's best-kept secrets. She reveals some of them in her interview below:

- Secret location?

Outside Lisbon: There’s a giant rock, that’s as comfortable as an armchair. This secret spot faces the Atlantic ocean, on the rocky side of a small cliff, which has scenic views of Guincho. I go there when I need to clear my mind, and think about nothing or everything, very carefully.

- Best view?

I was recently showing the rooftop of Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon to a couple and their wedding photographer. It was simply breathtaking, there is no other rooftop with such an expansive view of Lisbon. It feels like you are literally on top of the world. Makes for some great urban wedding shots too!

- A guilty pleasure?

Cheese and wine. It’s definitely an addiction. With the combination and choice here in Portugal, I can’t foresee plans on giving it up.

- What’s the weirdest thing you’ve experienced in Lisbon?
I’d say weird in the sense of surreal. Around 11 years ago, I heard that The Dalai Lama was on an unofficial visit and that he was going to be in a small garden in Lisbon. So I popped along, not actually thinking I would be standing next to him, and there he was, right in front of me with a radiant smile.

- Where can we find you on any given Sunday?
I love going to antique/vintage markets. My mind wanders and I always find a decorative accent for either the head table, or something special for my clients. For walks with my dogs, it’s nearer home, so around the sand dunes in Guincho, and brunches in Lisbon, Kaffeehaus in Chiado.

- A trend for Lisbon’s future?
Without blowing my own trumpet, I am definitely seeing a rising trend in destination weddings and private events. Many people have travelled around Europe but have left Lisbon off the map. With the combination of outstanding cuisine, ideal climate and wonderful natural light, Lisbon is drawing in more special requests for that unique, one off or one of a kind event.

- Favourite drink in the city?
Ah, this is always a hard one… For outside spaces I love having a drink in Park, the music is always good and so are their drinks (vodka tonic). The view is perfect at sunset and I love the laid back vibe. For in the autumn/winter, I love the Ritz Bar and the Gin & Tonics are great...

- Where do you like to unwind?
My favourite place is in the Atlantic ocean, starting off from the marina in Cascais towards Estoril or in the opposite direction. There’s nothing better to unwind than on my paddle board and it’s the only place that I can’t be reached via phone. It goes without saying, the Ritz Spa is the best. I love that it’s dark, like an inviting cave, and the treatments are always excellent. Leaving is always a tough call.

- What can you do here & nowhere else?
Eat barnacles (percebes), enjoy incredible fish and the energy of the Atlantic ocean can only be found here. I count on the incredible light to give me all of the energy and positivity. I’m hooked!

- A day trip to Lisbon you'd suggest to a friend visiting the city for the first time?
Starting off in Belém, I’d suggest a tour of the CCB, then the majestic Jerónimos and a pit stop in the legendary Pastéis de Belém. I recently rediscovered the gardens in the Estufa Real. They were built by an Italian architect, who’s from my home town, Padua! Heading into the centre, I would suggest a quick bite in the Cantinho do Avillez for lunch, the “peixinhos da horta” are a must then a walk around Chiado, down towards the baixa area, and the grand Praça do Comercio. For Shopping, Av. De Liberdade has excellent choices and head up to the Princípe Real area for a wander around smaller boutiques. The Castle of São Jorge offers the best views of Lisbon, but it’s a bit of a hike! You’ll be spoilt for choice with all the places for cocktails at the end of your visit.

- Someone NOT to be stuck in an elevator with?
A psychopath. That would be a bit scary to say the least.

- What details make a TWC wedding special?
Exactly that. The details. Each wedding is bespoke and with so many months of planning I can really get to know the couple and what they envisage for their day. My aim is to really give them a wonderful experience, of pure indulgence and delight all the senses. I want them and their guests to feel simply wonderful.

- What 3 things about Lisbon make it a great city for a wedding? Be it for locals or for a destination wedding?
1. The light and climate. Never is it overbearingly hot.
2. The choice of private palaces with the quintessential antique Portuguese tiling makes for excellent pre wedding photo shoots. So romantic!
3. The food & wine is consistency delicious. Do not come here on a diet.

- For an upcoming wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon this summer, what was it that made your bride & groom choose our hotel?
There were a few criteria that had to be met. Firstly, capacity as it’s quite a large wedding (350 guests) so we needed a location that could work well with the crucially important party element, ( a dance floor in the centre of the table-plan). The glorious ballroom is so chic with the chandeliers and golden accents; there’s definitely a wow factor when entering the area. The central location was also key, as so many guests are flying in. I wanted to give this couple and exquisite dining experience, and the Ritz is renowned for its gastronomic expertise.

- Who's wedding would you love to plan?
Prince without a doubt. He’s my favourite musical artist of all time. And I love purple palettes. I can just visualise all the amazing purple flowers and music. It would just be incredible. Plus, he loves Lisbon. What a dream that would be, even though I would be a bit jealous, hahaha.