Filipa de Abreu lives boho-chic. She's called some of the coolest European cities home and spent enough time in Los Angeles to establish her position as a bona fide Cali girl. When she's not jetsetting to her next meeting for the bohemian label, Christophe Sauvat, which she co-founded with her husband, she's raising her three children and putting the finishing touches on her website, Filipa de Abreu: From Lisbon and Beyond (set to launch this September). We tracked her down—finally!—in India to find out what makes her tick, her favorite hotel when she's feeling mischievous, and how her love of travel trumps her fear of flying.

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She has also answered a few questions for us:

Secret location?

Lisbon for me is a magical city, full of corners and winding streets to discover. It is a perfect city to get lost in. Just the other day I stumbled upon the magical garden of the Tapada das Necessidades. Discovering a nursery of cacti that transported me to a scene straight out of  Santa Fe! Lisbon is full of wonder just waiting to be discovered.

- Best view?

Honestly it would be the top floor view from my building. You get 360 º of all of Lisbon. Since we live on the top of a hill, the view is uninterrupted all the way till Cascais on one side, the Castelo de São Jorge  on the other and if you squint enough you might even see Africa straight ahead. Unfortunately, I live on the second floor and its my top floor neighbours who are lucky ones.....If you can't come over to mine, then any of the miradouros across town are breathtaking.

- A guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasures are usually related to chocolate. While I try to be as disciplined as possible in all aspects of my life, when it comes to chocolate, it my downfall. I don't even need anything that fancy, Kinder egg will do nicely.

- The weirdest thing you've experienced in Lisbon?

I haven't really had any weird experiences as such. My time in this city has been pretty smooth sailing. The city and its people are so generous in their time and attention and in making you feel welcome. I am lucky to be able to say that Lisbon has made me feel at home right from day one. I am often away on business (in fact I am more on a plane than on the ground) and it always feels so special when I am flying over this town just before landing. The U turn the plane makes just over Costa da Caparica, flies over the Cristo Rei on your left hand side and finally descends, scraping over the dome of the Basilica da Estrela;  always makes smile.

- Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon?  a perfect day with the family?

Our Saturdays are completely family orientated. The mornings you find us all camped out in my bed, three children, two parents and hopefully soon; one dog. Its a time of telling jokes, sharing stories and whole lot of laughter. We are all big foodies, so off to Principe Real Mercado Biologico for fresh produce and then back home to cook up the perfect brunch. We go all out, fresh fruit juices, pancakes, eggs Benedict, the whole 9 yards. Weather permitting, we will hit the beach. Costa da Caparica is a definite favourite. During the winter months we hit the museum trail. Mude, is a great source of inspiration for me both personally and professionally. Gulbenkian and Museu da Arte Antiga are also obligatory to visit.

- A trend for Lisbon's future?

More museums, more restaurants, more stores, more libraries, more concerts, more theatres, more art. I truly believe that we need more stimulation of the palpable kind and not the virtual.

- Favorite drink in the city? Coolest place to have a drink.

Lately I have a soft spot for Restaurante 100 Maneiras. Their cocktails are outstanding, so much so that I often end up  having just a liquid dinner. Needless to say I walk in looking composed, leave looking a hell of lot worse.
If I am having just pre dinner cocktails, then the Ritz Bar - The  staff are super friendly and always ready to shake you the perfect dry martini.

- Favourite place to shop?

Love a "Vida Portuguesa" what a great store, beautiful setting, great selection of national products and beautiful presentation. Gloves form Ulyssesis another favourite of mine. For fashion I tend to go to "So Chic" in Chiado, and a "Loja da Praia" in Principe Real. A little further west in Estorilwithout a doubt, its straight to "Espace Canelle", one of my favourite high end fashion stores. If I am in Comporta I shop at Lavanda.

- Favorite book/band/movie?

Impossible to answer, there are too many. Having said that I do love to read journalists memoirs. All of John Simpson books are prized reads. Through him I am able to travel further than I can physically. He takes me out of my comfort zone and back again, I admire him immensely and take inspiration from his elegance and poise in the face of danger.

- Someone you (Christophe Sauvat collection) would like to dress? (alive or dead)

We are lucky enough to be able dress some of the most elegant and beautiful women both national and international. We are not about whether the woman is recognized or not. And while it is great to see our clothes in magazines and television. I must say that my greatest reward is when I am somewhere else in the world and a woman walks past me wearing Christophe Sauvat. A brand that she chose by herself, no stylist, no tv, no magazine, just her!

- Something you cannot resist?

Books! Not the most pratical of things to bring back home on your travels. It has become an almost obsession to bring back books about the country that I have visited, the place, the food, the costumes. So I usually end up having seriously overweight luggage or pulling a muscle from carrying them in my hand bag.

- Someone to take out for dinner?

My husband is personal favourite for obvious reasons..Recently we went to Belcanto for dinner and I just died with the beauty and quality of the food. Everyone who is in town MUST go there, such a great culinary experience.
I am also a big fan of girls night out, so a dinner with my local "besties" is always a great excuse to hit the town. Restaurants like Aqui Ha Peixe is a great choice to eat the freshest of fish. Chef Miguel Reino always spoils us with the love he dedicates to his dishes.

- Someone NOT to be stuck on an elevator with?

Seriously??? I take the stairs.....