Having just recently been appointed Editor-in-Chief of Máxima magazine, one of the most important lifestyle magazines in the country, Fernanda Soares is definitely one to look out for for the best tips and inside stories on Lisbon.

Of course, we want to hear all about it first hand. Her interview, below:

- Secret location?
My secret spots are a little outside the city but well worth the drive. Arrábida (about 40km out) is bathed by beaches with crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes. The Praia da Aberta Nova (about 100km out) has an expansive stretch of white sand that is never crowded - even in mid-August - and a very relaxed ambiance.

- Best view?
Entering Lisbon through the 25th of April bridge at sunset.

- A guilty pleasure?
The croissants from "Careca", near Belém. The place is not particular in any way, but the croissants are just out of this world.

- What's the weirdest thing you've experienced in Lisbon?
Seeing snow outside my house - twice in the last 10 years! For those of us who live in Lisbon and go to the beach 7 to 8 months a year, it was definitely a weird experience.

- Where can we find you on any given Sunday?
Running next to the sea in Cascais and/or at the beach.

- A trend for Lisbon's future?
Sailing and water sports in general. With the amazing conditions we have in Lisbon and the low activity as far as water sports go, it can only be a trend that will rise in the future.

- Favourite drink in the city?
Drinking Gin has become fashionable in the last couple of years, and the truth is it's one of my favourite drinks. I also love a Mojito from time to time. Whenever possible, I like to have a drink outdoors, like in "Topo" near Martim Moniz.

- A restaurant where you go with your friends/family?
I don't really go out for dinner all that much (with 3 small children to take care of, I end up staying home most of the time). But I like "Gina", in Parque Mayer, for the excellent food and relaxed atmosphere. And it has an outside terrace (you'll rarely, if ever, see me at a restaurant without one).

- Something you cannot resist?
Grilled fish for lunch - a simple dish but so hard to find outside of Portugal.

- If you had friends staying in Lisbon for 24 hours, what would you say are the absolute must sees and must dos?
To really get a feel for Lisbon in 24 hours, I'd say walk around the Castle, Belém (with a brief visit to the Monastery), Baixa, Chiado and Príncipe Real.

- What can you do here & nowhere else?
Land mid-morning at the airport, leave your luggage at the hotel and run to the beach (Caparica, Cascais or Sintra) and come back in time to have a massage, shower and go out for dinner. I don't know of any other capital in the world where you can do all this on the actual day you land.

- Who (alive or dead) would you like to interview (or have on the cover of) an issue of Maxima?
So many people...but I'd start with Anna Wintour!

- What is the "new" Maxima going to bring its readers?
A refreshed attitude that will reinforce what has always been our goal - to be close to our readers. To combine the already emotional attachment we've created with our readers with a more objective approach, with practical content focused on adding value to their everyday life. And looking at contemporary topics under a feminine light.

- Someone NOT to be stuck in an elevator with?
With the commentators of any one of a thousand soccer shows on TV.