David Fonseca, is a recognized and a successful Portuguese pop/rock alternative musician and a singer-songwriter.

This month David visited us to shoot the global campaign "Sine Metu" for the wiskey Jameson. The shooting took place on our rooftop and shows some of the best views towards Lisbon. After we wanted to know a little bit more about him.  Read bellow our interview.

From Leiria, in the Centro region of Portugal, he studied cinema at Escola Superior de Belas Artes in Lisbon. Used to be the shy and "nerd" kid, and so he began to imagine his life behind the lens, as a photographer but life had turned his paths. As David mentions, his life has two lives within: one before the Silence 4, and another after the Silence 4.

Silence 4 was David Fonseca's first musical project and the boom for his career as a musician. After this first project he established himself as a solo artist. He plays many instruments including acoustic guitar and organ and in he is influenced by artists such as Roy Orbison, Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, Sérgio Godinho.

– Secret location?

Azenhas do mar, it’s such an amazing spot, it never gets old.

– Best view?

Miradouro da Graça, it’s a great way of understanding Lisbon’s vibe on such a relaxed spot.

– A guilty pleasure?

None, I feel no guilt for my pleasures.

– Where can we find you on Sunday?

Probably on my attic playing with instruments, reading books or watching movies.

– A trend for Lisbon’s future?

Hopefully, none. The city’s much better when diversity is your everyday surprise.

– Favourite drink in the city? Coolest place to have a drink?

Martini bianco, always. Any place next to the river.

- What's your favourite summer drink?

I think I would go for a Daiquiri.

– Where do you like to unwind?

Riding a bicycle by the river in Lisbon, I could do it for hours.

– Something you cannot resist?

Ice cream. I’m like a kid when it comes to ice cream.

– What can you do here and nowhere else?

Listen to Fado in Mouraria.

– What’s your favourite beach?

I really like Guincho, windy and savage.

– Someone NOT to be stuck in an elevator with?

I’m claustrophobic, so my main concern is NOT getting stuck in an elevator. I don’t care who else would be there.

- A song that always makes you remember Lisbon, or a specific place in Lisbon?

“Song For a Blue Guitar” by the Red House Painters. For years, every time I entered the town after a long trip, I would play this song the car stereo. It’s quite a cinematic experience, especially after midnight.

- The best spot for inspiration?

The subway. A thousand stories a minute.

- A dream duet (dead or alive)?

Roy Orbison, but I sing with him many times in my dreams.

- Where to relax after a show?

Anywhere near the water, river or ocean.

- A pre/post show ritual?

None, I don’t like to anticipate the feeling of being on-stage. I just go for it and wish for the best.

What about getting in David's mood: