Ana Rita Clara is the presenter of "Mais Mulher" TV Show, for SIC Mulher - the biggest women-focused channel in the country. With a degree in Sociology and a post-grad in Journalism, she presents her TV Show every day and always dazzles with her look. An eager Lisbonite, she offers us some insightful views on her life, Lisbon and its future in the interview below:

- Secret location?
Lisbon is one of my favourite cities in the world, not only because it feels like home, but because of its unpretentiousness, and its liberty to be cosmopolitan and a city that lives in the global village with strength, architecture and a lot of history. The "Jardim do Torel" is a paradise in the centre of the city, and I also love the terrace of the Museu de Arte Antiga and the exotic Lost In, right in Príncipe Real.

- Best view?
Lisbon is a city where wonderful viewpoints abound, but I suggest a trip to the south bank of the river to Ponto Final, to fully enjoy the panoramic view of all this splendor. The charming Portas do Sol viewpoint is also a must, as is the sunset from the terrace of Eleven restaurant.

- A guilty pleasure?

My work and big emotions turns perfect with portuguese seafood and white wine.

- What's the coolest thing you've /experienced in Lisbon?
The coolest thing in Lisbon is the possibility to live in an enormous melting pot. Where you can get the best vintage products at Feira das Almas, view a fantastic exhibition at Museu Berardo, have a european taste at Poison D'Amour and catch the 28 tram to Martim Moniz, to dance to 1920s tunes at the Swing Festival. That's the enormous diversity and contemporaneity that makes anyone who visits fall in love.

- Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon?
A perfect day starts with jogging in Belém with the perfect view over the Tagus River, followed by lunch at Taberna Moderna and lots of music at an outdoor concert of MEO OutJazz. I also love to walk around the city and discover the art hidden in the streets, and enjoy a good conversation with friends in a terrace in Chiado ou watch some timeless movies at Cinemateca Portuguesa. I like to inspire myself with everything that surrounds me. And of course, to make it a perfect day, end it at the relaxing Ritz Spa.

- A perfect day with the family?

It starts with a delicious brunch in Pois, in Sé, followed by a trip to the biological market in Príncipe Real or LX Market, followed by a glass of wine at Tati Café and a sushi dinner at Confraria. And, as always, a lot of culture and theatre at Teatro São Luiz.

- A trend for Lisbon's future?

Lisbon will continue to be at the centre of a lot of touristic attention, with a growing offering of quality establishments. It will be ever-more one of the must-go places in Europe and the World. Our gastronomy will be even more renowned with more hotels, cultural events, luxury stores and new concepts. It will be the window to the Portuguese people, always on the cutting edge and with a european spirit.

- Favorite drink in the city? Coolest place to have a drink.
A Cosmopolitan at Bica do Sapato.

- Favourite place to shop?
Principe Real, Rua Castilho, Avenida da Liberdade, hidden stores and vintage festivals.

- Do you choose all your clothes for your daily show?
I always have to like and fall in love with the clothes I wear. And I believe that fashion and what we wear is also an extension of who we are. In the choices that I make for my daily TV show, I search mostly for elegance and differentiating elements. And I love the whole process of creating a look, a style, of listening to the opinion of fashion creators and stylists. Aesthetics is a fundamental part of my life.

- How do you find time, and where do you go to relax after hours and days of filming?
I'm very much in love with what I do, so I never complain about lack of time. But when I need to relax and recharge batteries I love to go to the beach and do some Yoga. Or, simply, to relax at the Spa and listen to good music.

- What can you do here & nowhere else?
Taste the best seafood rice. Go from the airport to the city in 10 minutes. Sing the popular saints with Buraka Som Sistema. Applaude Joana Vasconcelos and see Vhils artwork in the walls. Sit at Sr. Vinho and be proud of what is ours.

- Favorite book/band/movie?
"The Unbearable Lightness of Being", by Kundera. I read it when I was very young and it immediately changed me. I love music, so it's hard to choose, but David Bowie, Joy Division, Arcade Fire and vinicius de Moraes are a few examples. The movie I did "Sei Lá" (Joaquim Leitão, "Citizen Kane", "...And God Created Woman", "Persona", "Vertigo", "Paris, Texas", "Mullholland Drive"... there're so many.

- Which scene from your movie did you enjoy shooting the most?
The whole movie was very special to me, because this "Luísa" is a very intense and inspiring woman. But there were fun scenes to shoot, like the first one inside the house with the dialogue with friends. Also, the scenes in the night club and the dramatic tension scenes.

- Something you cannot resist?
A big smile. A good conversation.

- Someone to take out for dinner?
Oprah Winfrey. Sheryl Sandberg. Sofia Coppola. Women that inspire me.

- Someone NOT to be stuck on an elevator with?
Everyone deserves a second chance.