1. Hello: Olá
  2. Good Morning: Bom dia
  3. Thank you: Obrigado (read obri-ga-du)
  4. Small expresso: Bica (read: bee-ka)
  5. Cod: Bacalhau (read: ba-ca-lyiaoo)
  6. Saudade: (read: sa-hu-dadeSaudade” is a word in Portuguese that has no real translation in English. It’s used to express a mixture of longing, love, sadness and melancholy, and is often described as one of the most beautiful phrases in spoken language.
  7. Cheers: “Saúuu-de” or, “à nossa”
  8. Beer: Cerveja (read: cer-veh-jah)
  9. Please: Por favor (read: pur fah-vor)
  10. (in case you fall in love…) I love you: Amo-te (read: amuh-te)
  11. Tiles: azulejos (read: azuh-leih-jus)
  12. Tram: eléctrico (read: e-lék-tree-cu)



  1. Ups and downs: Lisbon is known for its 7 hills… that said, expect to walk up and down… a lot!
  2. Daily greetings: Handshakes are likely, kisses (one only or one on each cheek) possible among friends – even work colleagues – but hugs are less common and are not recommended on first introductions.
  3. Taxi: a normal ride in Lisbon should not cost more than 10€
  4. Dining Out: Lisbon’s top restaurants are often fully booked, specially if it is Friday or Saturday night… Make sure you make your booking well in advance
  5. Dining Hours: Dinner hours in Portugal start at 7:30 pm… before this time some kitchens might be closed. But know that locals normally don’t dine before 8.30pm
  6. Pastéis de Belém:  Are a must when in town… don’t be scared by the line at the entrance. Locals sneak inside and ask for a table… it will probably be faster and after indulging with one or two you can ask the waiter a couple more to take away…
  7. Fado: Portuguese traditional musical genre, linked to saudade, traditionally accompanied by a mellow mandolin or portuguese guitar.