The grand opening of MAAT museum has as its first exhibition the big Design's names Charles and Ray Eames.

The exhibition reveals the different worlds in which Charles and Ray Eames lived and worked together: it starts at their first years and their explorations upon new products during the war, to the adaptation of these experiments for furniture in the upcoming peacetime, to their home and studio, their international contacts network of friends and clients.

The exhibition gathers important examples of the most recognized Eames Office's designs along experimental prototypes and rarely seen works in film, photography and architecture.

The couple's partnership began in 1941 and their work approach became one of the most influential and pioneering in Design. Their work began to be developed from their interdisciplinary "lab" in Venice (California) and lasted over four decades. Within this time the Eameses and their team researched and developed work in furniture, graphics, films, slideshows, architectural and exhibition projects. Their new approach and research to look at and question things from another perspective led them to produce ground-breaking multimedia architecture projects.

The Eameses were driven by a boundary-less approach to work. Hence all  the fields from science, technology, art and design were gathered and used for the common good. This led them to produce some products that today are still being used not only as references but also as part of our daily lives, responsible for making them one of the most successful partnerships and design's names.




MAAT, Lisbon, Portugal

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