In the first Summer's Saturday and to celebrate its arrival, on the 25th June, Four Seasons Ritz Hotel Lisbon joins Gin Lovers  and together celebrate the National Gin Tonic Day (DNGT)

Pascal Meynard, maestro of this symphony, turned the gin its soloist and composed from its notes a real symphony.

The beginning, as the first day of holidays: fresh and energetic, is made in Allegro mode with Clarified gazpacho, national lobster and zimbro sauce - pairing with Plymouth Dry Martini. Then it continues and in Vivace mode with Smoked octopus from Algarve, marinated vegetables
- Pairing with Plymouth Navy Strength – Salty Sour. Later and reminding us of the long and hot late Summer afternoons, that we don't want to end, in Presto mode, the chef presents us a composition of John – Dory fillet, glasswort, asparagus, salted calamondin, mushroom bouillon and ginger - pairing with Plymouth – G&T with grapefruit.

Finally and already in Prestissimo mode, as in the last Summer dive, fleeting and leading us to start Summer over again, we finish with Roasted pineapple, exotic passion fruits creamy, ivory chocolate, coconut and caramel sorbet - pairing with Plymouth Sloe Gin – Strawberry Sloe Gin coulis.

The result is a real fresh and colorful symphony of flavors, colors and scents, able to trigger on us the best of Summer, and like the Summer, we want it to never end and last forever.


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