As the year begins, one of the largest and most loved theatrical producers, the Canadian Cirque du Soleil brings to Lisbon the new show Varekai. The story happens in an enchanted forest, inside an inhabited volcano... Inhabited by eccentric and charming creatures that will bring the viewer to the fantastic and imaginary world of fairy tales...


From 5 to 15 January at MEO ARENA.


Thursday – 5th Jan – 9:30 pm
Friday – 6th Jan– 9:30 pm
Saturday– 7th Jan – 6:00 pm
Saturday– 7th Jan– 9:30 pm
Sunday– 8th Jan – 6:30 pm
Sunday– 8th Jan– 9:30 pm
Tuesday – 10th Jan – 9:30 pm
Wednesday – 11th Jan– 9:30 pm
Thursday – 12th Jan – 9:30 pm
Friday – 13th Jan – 9:30 pm
Saturday– 14th Jan – 6:00 pm
Saturday– 14th Jan – 9:30 pm
Sunday– 15th Jan– 6:00 pm
Sunday– 15th Jan– 9:30 pm