India has brought us Yoga, Buddhism, and meditative practices and is an international reference when it comes to relaxation, physical and mental well-being . Hence from September 15 to November 10, 2016, Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon brings three exclusive Indian treatments from Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai to the Ritz Spa.

The link between the two countries is more than 500 years old, when Vasco da Gama sailed unknown waters, and took to India the best of Portugal, and brought back home some of the biggest riches that still prevail today in our heritage. Now, extending this exchange, the Ritz Spa brings to Lisbon the best of oriental expertise in relaxation and wellness, and through the hands of the invited therapist Ten Zin, offers a truly unique experience - and one that will make you travel some 8000 km East...

The three treatments :


This gentle and relaxing massage works on the lymphatic system and restores vitality and well-being.

60 Minutes - 155 EUR
90 Minutes - 200 EUR


Working deep into the muscles, this massage is designed to lift your spirits and revive your inner vitality. Firm strokes increase circulation and allow the body to unwind.

60 Minutes - 155 EUR
90 Minutes - 200 EUR


An ancient massage technique that uses warm herbal oil with a combination of invigorating and soothing strokes, this treatment helps relieve muscle tension, encourages sound sleep and ensures silky soft and toned skin.

60 Minutes - 155 EUR

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